Fuck Asterisks - A Note On Censorship

Something amazing about Reno As Fuck is the love we get when out and about. People that love a t-shirt with the word FUCK on it never hesitate to talk to us, and to date, I haven't heard any reports of people who don't appreciate the expletive nature of our clothing stepping out of their comfort zone to give anyone brandishing our fucks a piece of their mind.

Fuck, although a wonderfully versatile word, is often singled out as something that cannot be brandished or spoken in company. I assure you, it's impossible to advertise Reno As Fuck... anywhere. In fact I've never heard of advertising company so quickly saying no to money. As a result, we've often been asked why we don't come up with a design that uses F*CK or some bastardized bullshit so we can sell more t-shirts. Never fear fuckers, that will never happen.

If wearing a word on your shirt that usually has a different meaning to different people and in different contexts, then maybe RAF isn't for you. That's okay, go fuck yourself! But in all seriousness, to us, the word "Fuck" is no more offensive or complimentary than the word "Reno". You would never expect to see an asterisk on the arch downtown. 

Used in the right context and the appropriate manner any word can define love. That is how we feel when we say "Reno As Fuck". It's a statement that speaks to the love we have for this city and the people that fill it. 

We L*ve you all, You fuckers.

Reno As Fuck Staff