A Note on T-shirts That Say "Fuck"

We get a lot of interesting questions about Reno as Fuck while out enjoying the bounty of Reno. One of the most common questions we get is “Where can you wear a shirt with word ‘fuck’ on it?”. Usually, our reply is simply “Wherever the fuck you want”. It’s a pretty oversimplified explanation of the purpose putting such an expletive on a t-shirt and wearing it around.


Recently, we received an interesting comment about Reno as Fuck. “Is Reno as Fuck just an excuse for teenage boys to wear a shirt that says fuck so they can cause a stir?” As you will find in these blog posts or in the upcoming interviews we will be releasing, it’s not about causing a stir or raising a middle finger to the establishment. Those with deep love of Reno fully understand the mission without the need to explain it. Reno is a gritty, hard won city full of passionate people who refuse to sit back and watch their lives fly by in a super cell of intoxication and apathy. Reno is a place where creatives can achieve anything they set out to do, and the community will support them in both success and failure.


It’s not about having the word fuck on a shirt. It’s about starting your passion for our community in such a way that people cannot possible doubt your motivation. The word fuck serves as vehicle to describe the voracious appetite we have for our projects, businesses and art. No other word fully encompasses the level of dedication required to make your dreams and your community a reality.


“Reno as Hell” is pretty silly sounding isn’t it?


Clearly there are situations in which wearing a shirt with FUCK on it will have negative consequences. We aren’t trying to fool anyone or pretend we are so intense that an expletive garment belongs at your cousin’s wedding, your corporate job that you hate but pays the bills and allows you to create, or while dropping your kid sister off at school. We’ve heard about all these situations a thousand times and we agree that you probably should refrain from wearing an RAF shirt in any situation in which you might refrain from using fuck vocally as every other word in your dialect.


It’s not like a shirt with the word fuck on it is any different than any other garment you own. You probably wouldn’t wear a bikini to a job interview or a suit and tie to float down the truckee. It’s all about what is appropriate and why.


Oh, and it’s fun to say “Fuck You” to the people stuck in their silly biases and prejudices.


“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are and what you want to express.” -Gianni Versace


Tyson Schroeder