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Reno as Fuck is Happy to announce a new segment in Reno Tahoe Tonight, a monthly adventure into one of our local businesses that really works to embrace and advance the culture of Reno. Look for an interview every month that explores the spots in our town with the Reno as Fuck seal of approval.

Grabbing a coffee at Walden’s Coffee House in Northwest Reno (3940 Mayberry Dr.) can be one of those bittersweet moments for some Reno-ites who recall all the shows that happened there. As the new owners have taken over, gone are the late-night coffee shop crowd, catching jazz or Burning Peace in the dimly lit landmark. These fond memories are gone, but the revitalized Walden’s hasn’t skipped a beat.

What makes Walden’s “Reno as Fuck” is not it’s long heritage, but the new take on a local coffee experience. “We get to see people go throughout their life here. People will meet at the coffee bar, have dates here, get married and have kids and then bring their kids here.” said Mandy Barone, who runs the operation with her husband, Michael Barone. This is one of those seemingly lost to time businesses. The old school coffee shop, keeping it simple and executing it perfectly. There are no gaudy signs with this week’s carmelito-vanilla-frappe-smoothie-latte frankenstein of clichè $7 dollar coffees for the downtrodden sugar chasers. They could probably make you something like that, but they aren’t going to shove it down your throat. Walden’s uses only locally roasted, fair trade, certified organic, shade grown Kolika Coffee, and that’s all the fancy we need in our brew. It’s almost a lost art. It’s not super trendy. It’s not exclusive. It’s great coffee and food done well. Isn’t that we all really want anyway?

After The Barones took over, they decided to focus on the menu. Michael Barone, owner and head chef says “The biggest change we made was enhancing the menu and expanding it as well.” This change helped them grow and brought back some old faces. “Walden’s was just a house before and sometimes the son that grew up in this house like decades ago will come in and have breakfast and tell us stories from when he lived there.”

As hundreds of breakfast burritos are slung from the Northwest Location, hungry hoards of hipsters are learning to embrace the relatively new midtown-ish spot at 1170 S. Wells Ave. which opened in December of 2016.

Whether you are a new fish to the Reno scene, or haven’t been to Walden’s in a while, be sure to check it out. And bring us a fuckin’ burrito. And a coffee. Black.


Tyson Schroeder and Anthony Lee
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