Reno Events are Fucking Rad

Oh, Reno. It feels like the fun never ends in the Biggest Little City. And technically, it doesn’t. (Can you say no last call?!) Reno events include wine walks, concerts, arts, community and more to keep you occupied every day of the year. Reno is even the beer crawl capital of America, thank you very much. Reno events are a great way to get out and explore all the changes that are happening in the BLC. Also, here’s a secret; Reno is definitely a college town. This means tailgating and sporting events! Reno is a town the loves sports and loves cheering on the beloved Wolf Pack. If you aren’t watching the games in person, they are usually broadcasted in most bars and restaurants (  throughout the area, making it a great time no matter what the sport is. You can also check out other Reno sporting events in person. Greater Nevada Field is home to the Reno Aces and Reno 1868 FC team. These events always promise a great time.

It is not all about sports in Northern Nevada. Reno is a place for everyone! Whether you’re a year-round Burner, wine walk professional, music lover, comedy show enthusiast, or just an all around partier, you can always count on Reno to tickle your event fancy. But Reno events are about more than partying! Reno’s community events are always received well.

Reno has a super tight-knit community that loves working together and supporting the local Nevada community as a whole. It is no surprise that Reno likes to have fun while doing it. From non-profit fundraising galas and drives to community landscape improvement, everyone pitches in to help in Reno. These events are featured here too because we love our awesome community and want you to know how awesome it is too. We know, we know, there’s too much to keep track of! Well, it’s your lucky day.  Why do you ask? Because this Reno event feed will keep you caught up with all of the events Reno has to offer, no hard work needed.